Whatsapp Gif Exploit | CVE-2019-11932



The steps are as below:

  • 0:16 Attacker sends GIF file to user via any channels
    • One of them could be as Document via WhatsApp (i.e. pressing the Paper Clip button and choose Document to send the corrupted GIF)
    • If the attacker is in the contact list of the user (i.e. a friend), the corrupted GIF is downloaded automatically without any user interaction.
  • 0:24 User wants to send a media file to any of his/her WhatsApp friend. So the user presses on the Paper clip button and opens the WhatsApp Gallery to choose a media file to send to his friend.
    • Take note that the user does not have to send anything because just opening the WhatsApp Gallery will trigger the bug. No additional touch after pressing WhatsApp Gallery is necessary.
  • 0:30 Since WhatsApp shows previews of every media (including the GIF file received), it will trigger the double-free bug and our RCE exploit.


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