Fox Shell Auto V5 Cracked By @BIBIL_0Day - RootTube Exclusive Content


Hello everyone its bibil

On this post i will give anonymousfox's ShellAuto v5 Tool

i look a little but you cant find it :)

   [01] Mass Reset Passowrd cPanel [Automatic]
   [02] Mass Reset Passowrd cPanel [Semi-Automatic]
   [03] Mass Finder SMTP + Create SMTP
   [04] Mass Finder cPanel/vHosts/Root [PWD|UNAME]
   [05] Mass Finder Accesshash [Reseller] + .my.cnf [cPanel]
   [06] Mass Get Config (cPanel/vHosts) server [NEW]
   [07] Mass Get Config + Crack cPanel [NEW]
   [08] Mass Get Root by ./dirty [NEW]
   [09] Mass Get Domains-List [NEW]
   [10] Mass Get Emails-List [NEW]
   [11] Mass Get Config + Emails-List [NEW]
   [12] Mass Upload Mailer [Random]
   [13] Mass Upload file [Random]
   [14] Mass Upload Index
   [15] MASS Upload Olux/Xleet Shell from any backdor/upload/shell [NEW]
   [16] MASS Upload Olux/Xleet Shell from cPanel [NEW]
   [17] MASS Chack if Sending mail is Working or not ! [NEW]
   [18] Reset Passowrd cPanel + Create SMTP [together]
   [19] 01 + 03 + 05 + 07 + 08  [All of them together]

You will be redirected in 60 Seccond To the download link

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